An In-Depth Look At On-Site Clinics

On-site clinics are an increasingly popular component of employer benefit strategies. In 2018, 50% of all employers provided an on-site clinic solution to their employees. Typically, this type of employer-funded clinic drives exciting outcomes for the employer and the employees.

There are two key drivers of these outcomes: preventive care and care coordination. Combined together, these two drivers help patients address issues before they are acute. They also help them get the best care outside of the clinic, if required.

On-Site Clinics As Medical Home

The best on-site clinics invite patients to make the clinic their medical home. When a patient makes the clinic their medical home, it means two things:

  1. Establishing care with a primary care provider.
  2. Using the clinic as the hub for their entire healthcare experience.

The convenience of the clinic location enables patients to seek out care easily. The clinic team then coordinates care that isn’t available immediately at the clinic.

The patient-provider relationship is key. Clinics that offer longer appointments with providers enable them to get below the surface of a patient’s health needs. They also address issues that contribute to the long-term health of patients.

Beyond Provider Visits

Meeting with a provider regularly is helpful, but does not necessarily lead to behavior change. Without behavior change, long-term health outcomes aren’t changed.

Empathetic listening is an effective strategy for discerning a patient’s root issues and needs. It also makes them feel listened to and empowers them to live their life differently. Health coaches are excellent at this work. The outcomes are even better when the whole care team puts a coaching philosophy into practice.

Proven Outcomes

Vera recently completed a study that demonstrated the substantial savings driven by an on-site clinic. The study revealed a net savings of more than $3.5 million in total healthcare costs for Seattle Children’s Hospital as a result of an on-site clinic. Download our white paper below to learn more.

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