Empathetic Listening, Esteem, And Behavior Change

We provide population health management to large and mid-sized employers. Our delivery model of on-site primary care with embedded health coaching is efficient and effective. But this isn’t what makes us special. We have a powerful secret:

Empathetic listening unlocks the door to behavior change and leads to long-term health.

Behavior change is the key to health. It’s also the missing ingredient in today’s healthcare system. Here’s why: today’s healthcare system treats symptoms, not people.

Our mission gets back to treating people by esteeming them through empathetic listening. This experience unlocks the patient’s ability to think beyond the immediate moment, illness, or symptom by engaging them in a true two-way conversation. It frees them to change their behavior in a lasting way. The results are powerful.

We’ve designed each element of our model around this core concept:

  • Our time rich and accessible primary care approach enables providers to build a strong connection with each patient and build a care plan that addresses each patient’s core needs.
  • Whole Health Councils, our patient-championed outreach programs create vibrant health cultures in organizations we serve.
  • Our coaches are experts in behavior change and empower patients to own their health.

What Clients Are Saying

Whole Health Engagement does two things really well: it gets employees invested in their own health, and it drives down healthcare costs for employers. The results are astonishing. See what our clients have to say.

Vera shares our vision of providing high quality care while removing waste and inefficiency from care delivery. The ultimate goal is to provide the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver all the care people need, and only the care they need.

Gary S. Kaplan, MD

Virginia Mason | Seattle, WA

Industry: Health Care

Vera is shaping the future of employee care. Their innovative and collaborative approach engages and empowers individuals to participate in all aspects of their own health and well-being, while reducing healthcare costs for both the employee and the organization.

Mary-Clayton Enderlein DNP, MPH, ARNP

Director, Occupational Health
Seattle Children’s Hospital | Seattle, WA

Industry: Health Care

The Vera Whole Health model of care is a key part of our ‘Healthy Kirkland Initiative’ which provides our employees and their families with a comprehensive approach toward improving their health outcomes while reducing the growing cost of care to the City. We believe this innovative public-private partnership can be a model for other governments to achieve both healthy employees and healthy budgets.

Kurt Triplett

City Manager
City of Kirkland | Kirkland, WA

Industry: Municipal Government

Population Health Management Done Right

Our model has proven its worth in the market since 2012. We’ve integrated with leading health systems like Virginia Mason and Seattle Children’s Hospital, and numerous employers. Now we’re expanding nationally.

The model combines our unique behavior change approach with all of the core elements of best practice population health management:

  1. Identifying highly impactable individuals through data analysis.
  2. Intervening and creating tailored care plans.
  3. Providing ongoing service and support to ensure that the care plan is effectively implemented.

Training Strong Practitioners

We’re committed to making sure only the best providers staff our clinics. To achieve this goal, every employee trains with our Learning & Development team. The mission of our team is to provide the most emotionally intelligent and talented wellness and clinical teams and employees. Our Learning & Development team uses experiential learning methodologies, built around a coach approach, to immerse people into our culture. We’ve found that this model can help you no matter where you work…or play. It just helps people turn around, thus increasing their health and wellness along the way.