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We’ll put 100% of our fees at risk.
Employers have saved up to 25% in total healthcare costs in the first year.

What Is Whole Health Engagement?

A cultural shift from sick-care, where people only go to the doctor when something is wrong, to health-care, where communities are proactively invested in their health.

It’s made possible by a healthcare system with aligned financial incentives, and accessible, dedicated care teams who have the time to help patients embrace healthy lifestyles and choose high quality, appropriate healthcare.

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Whole Health Engagement Starts With:

1. Convenient Clinics

Our employer-funded clinics are located on-site, in the same building or campus where people work. This makes it easy to head down to the clinic when the need arises. Most of the time we have same day appointments.

2. Engaged Providers

Whole Health Engagement begins with a strong relationship between a patient and their provider. Our primary care providers spend extended time with patients, getting to the core of each patient’s unique health needs.

3. Healthy Lifestyles

Vera Whole Health Coaches equip patients with the tools and encouragement they need to live healthier lives now, reducing their need for acute care in the future.

Vera’s Promise To Employers

We offer a solution to employee health that leads to lower healthcare costs. And we’re willing to put 100% of our fees at risk to prove it.

It’s an investment in your people that includes advanced health engagement across your entire population and comprehensive care coordination with guidance to optimal service providers. Not only will we save you money and give you a return on your investment, we’ll simplify your benefits and occupational health plan and make the whole program easier to manage.

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Employees expect quality healthcare as a benefit. The Affordable Care Act mandates that employers provide it. Employers are stuck.

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