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Vera Positioned Perfectly for 2017

“The self-insured employer will benefit here as they adopt more patient-centric models from firms like Vera Whole Health.” – Kevin Cable, co-founder and Managing Director of Cascadia Capital

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Vera Whole Health Expands into Oregon

Vera Whole Health has expanded into Oregon by signing a contract with Hoffman Construction. Joey Harrington, former NFL and University of Oregon quarterback introduced the two companies.

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Forbes: Employers are waking up to healthcare’s biggest lie

“Employer frustration over the devastating collateral damage from a severely under-performing healthcare system is boiling over,” says Forbes writer, Dave Chase. And a growing number of smart people, including Vera’s CEO Ryan Schmid, are proving that “you can’t control healthcare costs” is healthcare’s biggest lie.

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Today’s healthcare an economic drainer, not driver

“The overriding sentiment is that organization executives and benefits leaders have reached their breaking point and are no longer going to accept that every year they’re obligated to get less and pay more when it comes to health benefits.”

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