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Goal Setting

By Alissa Strong, M.Ed. | Posted on | Posted in Patient Engagement

What’s the difference between a desire and a goal?  When we think about changing something that’s important to us – or habitual – it’s hard to imagine where to start.

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How To Eat Better & Move More

By John Spannuth, ARNP | Posted on | Posted in Patient Engagement

“Eat better! Move more!” It seems these two thoughts are often in the back of our minds.

Many patients have built these simple guidelines into giant, insurmountable goals. They believe they’re failing unless they’re running five miles a day or eating a vegan diet. Our hectic schedules can often keep us from starting. We put off even small changes for tomorrow, the weekend, or make them resolutions for the New Year. The problem is that we often never get started. So where do we start?

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Practicing Mindfulness

By Kristin Dorn, BA, NTP, CPT, CWC | Posted on | Posted in Patient Engagement

You may have heard about the idea of mindfulness in recent months. It’s become a topic of conversation (and practice) from yoga studios to corporate boardrooms, and everywhere in between. This month we sat down with Kristin Dorn, Vera Health Coach at our Sandpoint clinic, to unpack the concept of mindfulness and learn how to incorporate it into daily life. Read More

Patient-Centered Medical Home

By Vera Whole Health | Posted on | Posted in Patient Engagement

At Vera, we talk a lot about the Patient-Centered Medical Home. This can be a confusing term to understand. This month we sat down with our Medical Director, Sarat Raman, MD, to talk about what it all means. Dr. Raman unpacks what the term truly means, why it’s important to Vera, and why it’s a game-changer for patients. We hope you enjoy the conversation.
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Understanding & Managing Stress

By Cathy Moore | Posted on | Posted in Patient Engagement

In our culture, it seems like everyone is stressed. With our clients and in Vera clinics, it’s one of the key topics we talk about. The majority of our coaching clients deal with stress at some level. There are a variety of causes: a new job, change in environment, a spiraling to do list, or a full season of life.

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