Healthcare costs are out of control.

They get more expensive every year yet
nobody’s getting healthier.

Poor health, unlimited and unnecessary services at inflated prices keep people sick and hurt the bottom line.

The healthcare system kicks in after someone gets sick, not before.
The system pressures providers into increased volume, rewarding them for number of services provided but not for improved health.
Patients are left to themselves to navigate a complicated maze of expensive specialty, urgent and hospital care.

More than 75% of total healthcare cost is spent reacting to preventable, chronic illness

The right care to the right person at the right time keeps people healthy and boosts the bottom line.

Primary care kicks in before someone gets sick.
Providers get to treat patients the way they were trained and rewarded for improved health, not number of services.
Properly managed and appropriate referrals give patients the exact care they need at the best value.

Employers who add Vera to their existing health plan reduce their healthcare costs by as much as 30% in the first year.

It’s very likely that Vera can lower your company's healthcare costs this year.

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